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Our approach

Beyond Numbers

Good answers don't consist of mere facts.
It is the big picture, the connection of important details, that provides a distinctive context and drives people to make better choices.

Connecting information

This is not a mantra.
Our tools uncover hidden relationships and patterns based on a full suite of optimized algorithms. They will enable you to shade another light on your misson-critical questions.

See further

Interactively explore big datasets.
Our tools are for data-enabled decision making. We present the information according to your needs, as a report, as an interactive visualization, or as a new application.


nuu AI

We combine the best technology available regarding
Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.
Our algorithms are optimized to deal with an enormous set of documents,
and combine the best of term extraction, document comparison, dimension reduction,
NER (Name Entity Recognition) and Sentiment Analysis.

nuu CRUX

Our technology doesn’t work only with terms,
it identifies the piece of text that best define a document in a corpus.
And we call it: nuu CRUX.
You deserve a human-like presentation, not just a bag of words.


We are passionated about data science, from data gathering to information visualization, from jupyter notebooks to running applications, from algorithms to scale.
We have a strong focus on Natural Language Processing, Artifical Intelligence and Information Visualization. No matter what kind of data you have available, we love to hear more about your data science challenges.

Jan Gerken

Managing Director

Jan drives the corporate and business development of the company. He has a profound background in technology and innovation management. He finished his doctoral degree in 2012 on Semantic Patent Analysis at the Institute of Project Management and Innovation, University of Bremen. Before he became a co-founder of nuu Text & Data Analytics, he advised large- and medium-sized companies as well as young start-up companies in the areas competitive and technology intelligence, innovation financing and business model design.

Dr. Jan Gerken
Torben Gerkensmeyer

Managing Director

Torben's strong background in user experience research, artificial intelligence and cognitive architectures prepared him to be the driving force behind our product development as nuu's CTO. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Bremen, with a focus on Cognitive Neuroinformatics. He received a full scholarship from the International Research Group 'Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information' for his research on the spatial cognition of people with dementia. Later, he lead a project on intelligent assistive devices before starting his career at nuu.



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